Sophie“We received our red, white & blue Cozy Puff today - and my pup & I LOVE it!  It is soooo adorable and comfortable too.  Here's a picture of Sophie enjoying her new bed!  Thank you again.  Please keep us posted on your new designs!”

Cleopatra“Cleopatra adores her Cozy Puff “Sunny Puff” Dog Bed!  It is her favorite place to curl-up and take a nap.”

Dr. Ted Diamond with Chips and LuluDr. Ted Diamond, D.V.M., is owner and director of Valley Veterinary Hospital in Hadley, Massachusetts.  Dr. Diamond really likes the support Cozy Puff Dog Beds provide, which is so important for maintaining good orthopedic health. He is shown here with his Pugs, Chips and Lulu.


“Oh, my gosh! The beds are AWESOME!! The boys love them. They are so plush & comfy. Puppy (now named, Riley) is on his bed all the time. Kohi likes his too. I took just a few snap shots of the boys on their beds but I will send better pictures soon.”

Mackenzie Phillips with Chihuahua“Mackenzie Phillips said her Chihuahuas are always cold and the fleecy warmth of Cozy Puff Dog Beds is ideal.”